Goal Reached! Thank you so much for your generosity!

€67,000 of the €67,000 donated

Luke is a 5 year old boy that is in need of another 2 operations on his leg in the USA this summer. These 2 operations in July & August 2019 will give him a better life including being able to run and jump with his friends.

Here is where we need your help

Luke’s family have self funded the bigger part of his first surgery back in 2017 costing over $115,000. Luke’s next upcoming surgeries this summer will be €67,000 ($75,000) excluding travel and accommodation. Thank you for all your donations!

If contributions exceed the €67,000 ($75,000) goal which covers the cost of Luke’s upcoming 2 surgeries, the excess money will be transferred to another voluntary organisation. 

“A Better Life For Luke Association” is a philanthropic cause set up by a temporary voluntary organisation (VO/1690)

Please do reach out to us if you have any questions on abetterlifeforluke@gmail.com